Material Handling Solutions

HumanFactor Logistics is proud to be an authorized distributor of a new generation of cylindrical and rectangular material handling containers! Manufactured by Dante Bertoni, these containers are suited to a variety of industries, including:

  • Mechanics (Material handling in non-continuous and/or automatic processes)
  • Textile (Containers and trolleys suitable for use in spinning, weaving, and dying fabric)
  • Leather (Tannery containers)
  • Tobacco (Trolleys for drying tobacco leaves)
  • Flowers (Trolleys used for surface irrigation pools)
  • Services (Industrial laundry trolleys and containers, hospital trolleys, airline trolleys, and more)
  • Hotels, cruise ships, gyms, spas (Trolleys for linen, towels and garments)
  • Food industry (FDA approved Polyethylene constructed transport and storage trolleys)
  • Packaging (Custom containers to transport and store materials)

For more than 80 years, Dante Bertoni has been prevalent in the material handling market. The exceptional quality, affordability, and versatility of the products has kept the Dante Bertoni name at the forefront of the material handling industry. Always diligent to worldwide market changes, Dante Bertoni products provide practical material handling solutions to businesses in more than 45 countries.

Call us today at (864) 948-5250 and find out how HumanFactor Logistics can help you enhance your material handling efficiency and ergonomics!

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